UST StarFlash Floating Signal Mirror 2×3


The StarFlash signal mirror is lightweight, virtually unbreakable, floats and has a built-in precision aiming system to help you signal your target accurately.

Best results are achieved when the sky is clear and the sun is well above the horizon. However, visible signal flashes can be created even on hazy or overcast days. Flashlights, headlights, and even bright moonlight can produce effective signals with your StarFlash.

Starflash Mirror is cover by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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Signaling Directions

  1. Select an area as open as possible with a clear view of the sky and, if possible, the horizon. Stand facing toward the sun or other light source (even if overcast).
  2. Reflect light from the sun or light source onto hand, raft, or other nearby surface. Make sure that your hand doesn’t block the light from the light source to the mirror surface.
  3. Slowly bring the mirror toward your eye until the mirror touches your cheek. Look through the star at the reflected light on your hand or other surface. A bright glowing spot will show in the star. This is the aim indicator.
  4. Holding the mirror close to your eye, and still looking at the aim indicator, slowly turn and angle the mirror unti l you “place” the aim indicator directly on the object you wish to flash. If no target is in site, continually sweep the horizon.